Overview – eStockCard v3 Premier

October 27th, 2011, Filed in User Manual - eStockCard v3 Premier


Chronos eStockCard v3 Premier Inventory software consists of Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Settings, Tools  and Reports.

It has a comprehensive flow control for the inventory movement from purchasing to Suppliers and invoicing to Customers. Further to that, the inclusions of the Inventory module also allow the tracking of the movement of the inventory within the organization or inter-departments via the IN and OUT process.


Sales Module



Purchase Module



Inventory Module



Setting Module

Where all the settings such as item code, location, alert and etc are being set and input


Tool Module

Where the backup, restore, import, export and etc of the database are performed here.



Purchase Report

Purchase Reports

Sales Report

Sales Reports

Inventory Report

Inventory Report

Inventory Reports

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