Installation Steps for the eStockCard Inventory Software

January 30th, 2015, Filed in Install, Activate & Update

Step 1 Download the installation file from our website

Step 2 Click on it to run the installation file. Please ensure the Internet is connected all the time during the installation

Step 3 At the Welcome screen, please tick I Accept to continue for the Installation

***** Step 3 (i) Optional: Custom Installation


The Custom Installation would allow the users to select the type of Sample Data ( eStockCard Client & Server), Without Sample Data ( eStockCard Client & Server) and eStockCard Client installation ONLY

a) Sample Data ( eStockCard Client & Server)

By default, the installation would install the General Sample database. Alternatively the users would be able to select the sample database for Food Industry and Engineering Industry.

b) Without Sample Data (eStockCard Client & Server)

This installation would install a new empty database for the user to create their own details in the eStockCard

c) eStockCard Client Installation Only

This installation would only install the eStockCard Client into the PC. This installation would ONLY be applicable for the users who have purchase the eStockCard and for them to network connected the eStockCard Client to the server ( database) PC.

Step 3 (ii) Once done, click Back button to return to the Welcome screen

Step 4 Proceed to click on the Install button for the installation to proceed

Step 5 Click Next to proceed to registration screen


Step 6 Once the registration is completed, click on Create button and now you are able to use the eStockCard for your testing and review.



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