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The Currency Convert setting screen is for the user to set the conversion rate for between 2 currency. For example if the system currency is in USD and when you defined a different currency for either the customer or supplier then you would need to set the currency rate between your system currency and the supplier/customer currency.

Path: Settings > Currency Convert

Currency Conversion

The function of the button as follows:-

New – To create a New Currency Conversion rate

Modify – To modify the current currency conversion rate

Copy – Cannot be used

Reuse – Cannot be used

Void – Cannot be  used

Print – To print out the Currency

Close – To close the Currency Convert screen


To create a New Currency Rate

Step 1 Select the respective currency which you would like to add the conversion rate

Step 2 Click on the New button

Currency Ratio


Step 3 Click on the New button again on the new screen

Step 4 Under the “From Currency” column, the currency which has been selected earlier on will appear

Step 5 Under the “To Currency” column, select the currency which the user would like to set the rate for.

Step 6 Enter the exchange rate under the “Exchange Rate” column follow on by “From Date” and ‘To Date”

Step 7 Once done, Save it.

Step 8 Notice that on the main screen of the Currency Convert if the rate has been set for the respective currency, under the “Conversion Set?” column, it will be ticked.

Step 9 For adding of the a new currency rate for the Currency which has been set, just highlight it and then click Modify.

Step 10 Follow the same step from Step 3 until Step 7

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