Chronos eStockCard Inventory Software Licensing Models

July 6th, 2011, Filed in Editions & Licensing

Free Edition

  • Client and Server program are installed at a single PC and an optional mobile computer ( eStockCard v3 Mobile) connected via WIFI
  • Not networkable for desktop eStockCard.
  • With limitations on certain functionality.
  • 30 days trial period for the eStockCard v3 Mobile.


Full Edition with License – Standalone Version

  • Client and Server program are installed at a single PC.
  • Network-ready and database can be transferred to another dedicated PC with full functionality.


Full Edition with License – Network Version

  • E.g. There are 2 Client PCs to be connected to the Server PC and a mobile computer connected via WIFI
  • Customers should purchase a full license for EACH Client PC so in this case, 2 licenses are required for desktop PC and a license for the eStockCard v3 Mobile.
  • You can either install the Client PC with the Client ONLY program or choose the Standalone (Client + Server)¬†installation.
  • For the Server PC where you store the database, you just install the Server ONLY program or choose the Standalone installation.
  • For the eStockCard v3 Mobile on the mobile computer, the users can just connected to any of the eStockCard Client PC’s IP address via WIFI LAN.

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