Installing Sample Database in eStockCard Inventory Software

December 12th, 2011, Filed in Features & Tips

In eStockCard inventory software, the user can make use of the eStockCard sample database for either practice or evaluation purpose. The step on how to restore the eStockCard sample database is as follows:-

Step 1 Login to eStockCard inventory system. *** For Window Vista, Window 7 and Window 8, please right click on the eStockCard icon and select ‘Run As Administrator’ before login

Step 2 Go to ‘Information’ screen and click on ‘Install Sample Database’ button ( Fig 1 ).

Sample Database

( Fig 1 )

Step 3 Click on ‘Get Sample Database’ button to view the sample database that available to be download ( Fig 2 ).

Install Sample Database

( Fig 2 )

Step 4 Tick once from sample database list and then follow by ‘Install Selected Sample’ button ( Fig 3 )

Download Sample

( Fig 3 )

Step 5 Click ‘OK” when system prompt you to restart the eStockCard to complete the process ( Fig 4 ).

Complete Download

( Fig 4 )

Step 6 Once the process done, click ‘Close’  button to close the screen then restart eStockCard application.

Step 7 In the login screen, login into eStockCard with User ID  admin123 and also the password ( Fig 5 ).


( Fig 5 )

Step 8 Now you be able to login into the eStockCard with the sample database.

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