Adjust and Hide the columns in the eStockCard reports

December 31st, 2013, Filed in Features & Tips

All the columns name in the eStockCard inventory software reports can be easily remove and rearrange to suit the users requirement.

1) By default, all the columns name would appear in the reports.

Adjust the report columns


2) To remove some of the columns, just click and drag the respective column name down below until the ‘X’ sign appear and then release the mouse button. The column name would then be removed.

Click and Drag the column


3) Once the column name had been removed, the user would be able to retrieve it back. To retrieve it, move the mouse cursor to the column header name and then right click on the mouse button. Select ‘ Column Choose’. All the columns name that had been removed are available inside. Just drag out the respective column name onto the screen.

Column Chooser


4) To rearrange the report columns name, just click and drag the column name and then drop them either on the left or right side.

Rearrange column name

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