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October 12th, 2011, Filed in User Manual - eStockCard v3 Premier

Shipping Term is to defined on how the items are being send / shipped out under the Purchase Order screen. The Shipping Term can be C.I.F (Charges , Insurance & Freight), C&F ( Charges & Freight), EXW ( Ex-Works), F.O.B ( Free On Board) and etc as some of the available example.

Path: Settings > Shipping Term

Before the Shipping Term can be assigned in the Purchase Order screen under the Shipping Term column, it must be created under the Shipping Term setting screen.

Shipping Term

The function of the button as follows:-

New – To create a New Shipping Term

Modify – To modify the current shipping term info except for the Shipping Term Code

Copy – To copy the current Shipping Term details

Reuse – To use back the Shipping Term  which had been voided

Void – To void the unused Shipping Term. But it will not delete the Shipping Term from the eStockCard

Print – To print out the Shipping Term list

Close – To close the Shipping Term screen


To create a New Shipping Term

Step 1 Click on the New button

Create Shipping Term

Setp 2 Enter the relevant Shipping Term Code and the Description for it. The code can be either alphanumerical.

Step 3 Once done, just click on the Save button and the new Shipping Term will be created

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