Multi Currency Conversion

April 12th, 2011, Filed in Features & Tips

This is important for those business entities who have international trading transactions.

For example,
1)  The home country currency is using USD. However, I purchase raw materials/ trading items from different countries such as
a. From Germany – Euro,
b. From Japan  – Yen
c. From Australia – AUD

2) Then I sell my products to local community and oversea as well such as:
a.To local community –  USD
b. To Singapore – Dollar
c. To Chinese – Renminbi

How to solve this complicated issue?

Don’t worry, eStockCard v3 Inventory Software can manage it easily.

I)  Set the home currency first (or default currency) eg. USD
Go to Settings -> System -> Operation Setting -> System Currency

II)  To set different currencies conversion
Go to Setting -> Currency Convert  Select the currency row which need to be set one-by-one
eg:  EURO -> select the row  and press the New button
- different conversion rate for different time period

III)   At the reports, all different currencies transactions will then be converted to USD (the default currency setting)

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