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October 7th, 2011, Filed in User Manual - eStockCard v3 Warehouse


In our daily operation, we may have to reserve or hold some items in the warehouse which may arise from quality issue (product quarantine), customers have placed order or yet to be issued to production for further actions. After the items have been locked, it can’t be retrieved through OUT operation unless UNLOCK is performed.

This process is handled by LOCK operation.


Path: Inventory > Lock


At this stage, our warehouse still has 15 copies of “MS Windows Vista Business”.  Now, assume that sales department has received an order to supply 10 sets of fully-configured PCs (include Hardware and Operating System). Therefore, we need to reserve 10 copies of “MS Windows Vista Business”. Here are the steps to perform the LOCK operation:

Step 1 Launch LOCK operation by “Inventory > Lock”

Step 2 Select “MS Windows Vista Business” from item code drop down and click “Search”. You will see this:

Since you need to reserve only 10 copies, tick second row where the Available Qty = 10 and click “Lock” (Fig. 1)

 Fig 49

( Fig. 1 )

If you wish to reserve less than 10 copies, you enter your desired quantity at the Lock qty field and click “Lock”.

Step 3 Click “Clear” to perform new LOCK operation. Otherwise, click “Close” to exit from LOCK operation.



Path: Reports > Inventory > Inventory Details – By Item

Step 1 Click “Reports > Inventory > Inventory Details – By Item”.

Step 2 Under “Filter By” pull down, select “MS Windows Vista Business” from item code drop down and click “Find” (Fig. 2)

Fig 50

( Fig. 2)

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