Steps to activate Chronos eStockCard v3 (Warehouse, Premier) — Offline Method

April 4th, 2011, Filed in Install, Activate & Update

Step 1 Login to the Chronos eStockCard warehouse software and go to Information > Software Activation. (Note : Please make sure no internet connection from the pc that you want to activate eStockCard license during activation process)

Step 2 Click on Activate (Fig 1 ).

( Fig 1 )

Step 3 Click Next on the welcome screen .

Step 4 The Identification Code is automatically available on the column. Please enter your purchase serial no and follow by ‘Next’ button (Fig  2 ).

( Fig 2 )

Step 5 Click ‘Yes’ when system prompt you to activate license vie offline method.

Step 6 Log on to our website at (via a PC which can access internet) and login to the Client Center at the eStockCard inventory software website with your Email Address and Password.

Step 7 Just click on the Activate (if you have made the purchase ) and enter the Identification Code (from Step 4).

Step 8 It will generate the Activation Code for the eStockCard v3 which is available in your PC.

Step 9 If you already generate activation code for the eStockCard PC that you want to activate, please skip the step 7 and 8. Just copy the activation code from the client centre.  Please make sure you copy the  right code for your respective pc. ( Fig 3 )

( Fig 3 )

Step 10 Paste the Activation code from step 8 or step 9 into Activation code column (Fig  4 ) then follow by ‘Next’ Button.

( Fig 4 )

Step 11 Click Finish button to complete the process ( Fig 5 )

( Fig 5 )

Now the eStockCard warehouse system had been activated to a full license version

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