With an inventory software to monitor your stock and reduce wastage

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Efficient Serial Tracking

Able to track your inventory based on its lot No, Batch No and Serial Nos

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Multi-Bin Location Management

Easily Store and Identify Stock whereabouts during inbound and outbound

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Do you want to increase your Inventory Turnover and Reduce the Operating Cost?


Managing Incoming Inventory

Easy to manage incoming Inventory in Few Simple Steps

FIFO Inventory Control

First In First Out Stock Control

Support Barcode System

Better Inventory Control By Scanning The Barcode to Avoid Misstakes

Easy to Set Location Properties with 2D/3D Display

Setup multiple warehouse and storage bins

Our Value Customers

What our customer said about us

"....A Good product that helps me to generate weekly inventory quantty with details for my weekly management meeting"

--Mr Chong, Transformer Manufacturer

"A good product that helps my operation by improving their inventory accuracy quite tremendously. Great for tracking and I can find out my current stock quantity by just a click of button."

--Gene Manlapaz, Civil & Construction Services

"As a Logistics Manager / Inventory Controller of many years, I was impressed by the simplicity and yet depth of inventory functionability that eStockCard offers. I completely recommend it."

--Andre Coquillon, Logistics