Achieving Business in Control

May 18th, 2012, Filed in General

Inventory tracking is the fundamental process within an organization. Good and efficient inventory control system provides the organization with a quality and timeliness data flow which ultimately improve their operational efficiency and bottom line.

Chronos eStockCard inventory control system is developed with very simple objective – to achieve better control within their business. These can be achieved through operational-level and management-level control.


Operational-level Control


1. Inbound/Receiving/Put away

  • Very simple and highly flexible and customizable IN screen for data entry
  • System will automatically search for the best storage location
  • Unique serialize numbers will be generated for better control
  • Bar code scanner can be used to reduce human error
  • Item’s picture can be retrieved to minimize error


2. Picking/Delivery

  • Very simple and highly flexible and customizable OUT screen for data entry
  • Retrieval criteria based on predefined rules such as FIFO/LIFO for better expiry control


Management-level Control

  1. Real-time inventory data through powerful reporting which able to provide greater and comprehensive visibility about the movement of items between suppliers, firm and customers.
  2. Management by abnormality through alert triggering such as item expiry, inadequate inventory level
  3. Management by priority through embedded 80-20 rule (Pareto-analysis) and item moving frequency

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