Free eStockCard Inventory Software

April 27th, 2012, Filed in FAQs

The Chronos eStockCard Inventory Software could be downloaded and installed for free without any obligation or license required.

No hanky panky, no credit card information and not even your contact details is necessary. You can just installed and then use it immediately.

The eStockCard Inventory software installation file can be downloaded from:

And to show how reliable we are, below are some of the recognition which had given to us:-

Editor Pick Brothersoft Editor Pick Free Downloads FreshShare FileBuzz Shareware


However, because this is a Free Version, there is a limitation imposed on the eStockCard. The limitation on the Free version would be:

1) Unable to access Stock Transfer

2) Unable to access Stock Editing

3) No alert via workstation or email

4) Limited to 80 item codes, 10 customer codes and 10 supplier codes

5) Limited to 100 Location codes

6) Some of the reports are locked


Rest assure even though the limitations are there, all the main function are available to explore and use without any restriction. Once you are fully statisfied with the eStockCard Inventory software, then you can upgrade it to a full license version whereby all the limitations will be removed.

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