Easy to use Chronos eStockCard Inventory Software

April 17th, 2012, Filed in FAQs

The eStockCard Inventory software  is an easy to use software either for Stock – IN or Stock – OUT on your goods.

The users would be able to store their stock inventory in their respective locations at the IN screen with the optional function to  add additional info via the Add Info button such as Supplier Name, Batch No , Lot No and so on . . .

See the step below on how easy it is, to store the inventory quantity:-


For retrieve the stock inventory, the users can just easily select the item code and then eStockCard inventory software will instantly shown the item locations and their respective quantity based on FIFO (First IN First OUT) rule.

See below on how to retrieve and locate your stocks:-

With the eStockCard Inventory Software, storing and retrieving of your stock would be as easy as 123.

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