Global Setting Tab in the eStockCard Warehouse System

March 18th, 2012, Filed in Features & Tips

Global Setting is one of the various setting function in Chronos eStockCard warehouse system to make user more experience to control the data in eStockCard.

Global setting can be found on  ‘ Settings -> Operational Setting  -> Global Setting ‘

Under ‘Global Setting’ ( fig 1 ) user are enable to set the following Settings :-

  1. Language Setting (Currently only English language is available)
  2. System Currency
  3. UOM Conversion
  4. Default Tax Scheme
  5. Number Formatting
  6. Currency Formatting
  7. Serial No Generate Option
  8. Override Barcode Printer

( Fig 1 )

Language Setting

Currently, Only English Language is available on eStockCard. Once other language are available, user can set the eStockCard default interface language from this panel.

System Currency Setting

User can set default Currency to use in eStockCard. If the default currency is the same with the PC regional setting just tick ‘Use regional Setting (Follow Computer)’ Check box.  Else , just untick the checkbox and select respective default currency manually from combo box.

UOM Conversion

User can Select either want to enable or disable UOM conversion during reporting process

Default Tax Scheme

This setting function will give  user an option to set the default tax scheme to use in Sales Quotation Screen or Sales Order Screen. However user also able to choose another tax scheme during Sales Quotation or Sales Order process.

Number Formatting

Number formatting setting option is enable user to set the default decimal place to be use on number datatype in eStockCard.

Currency Formatting

Currency formatting setting option is enable user to set default decimal place to be use  on Currency Datatype in eStockCard.

Serial No Generate Option

User can choose either to use ”Default’ or ‘Attach Item Category Prefix’  option to be used during generating  serial no process.

Override Barcode Printer

User can select a default barcode printer to be used in eStockCard by using this setting option.Please make sure barcode printer was installed in to the PC before perform this option.

Once done the setting in Global Setting Screen, user must save the process. The change that user  made should be effective automatically.

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