Step To Import Inventory Excel To eStockCard v3

November 18th, 2011, Filed in Features & Tips

With eStockCard Inventory software, you are able to import your Inventory quantity directly from an excel sheet.

The steps to import inventory from excel are as follows:-

1 ) Prepare your excel document with the header name :- item_code, qty, UOM and lct_code in 4 columns

item_code - would be the item code which you have created in the eStockCard

qty – Quantity for the item to be imported into the eStockCard

UOM - Unit of Measurement of the Item Code (eg: PC, CTN or etc)

lct_code – The location code which is created in the eStockCard and where the item would be stored into

2) Save the excel sheet once it is done.

3 ) Login to eStockCard

4 ) Go to  Tools -> Data -> Import Inventory Excel ( Fig 1)

Import Inventory

( Fig 1)

5 ) Browse the excel file which save in  step 2 and click open it.

6 ) System will import your excel document into eStockCard and send you a pop up message (Fig 2).


( Fig 2 )

7 ) You can validate the Import data via Stock Card Report in Report -> Inventory -> Stock Card (Fig 3 ) or Inventory Balance Summary report.


( Fig 3 )

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