Features and Benefits of Chronos eStockCard v3 Mobile Edition

Inventory Tracking is Easy at Anytime Anywhere

 Mobile Inventory Control Software | Main Screen

The eStockCard v3 Mobile helps to improve and store the inventory easily in a medium or large warehouse.

The compact version of the eStockCard v3 Mobile makes an effective tool for storing and retrieving from the palm of your hand from any place around your warehouse via the WIFI connection. Stock info will be updated instantly to ensure efficiency and reduce mistakes.

Basically, eStockCard v3 Mobile comes with 5 main modules which are the IN, Stock Transfer, Cycle Count, OUT and Stock Info.


Key Inventory Control Features

eStockCard v3 Mobile manages incoming stocks easily Manage Incoming Stocks
eStockCard v3 Mobile Inventory Software helps to record incoming and outgoing inventory easily.

Easy to record the Incoming Inventory:

  • A simple and mobile method to record the incoming stocks
  • Scan item barcode to reduce mistake
  • Stock update instantly
  • Additional columns info can be recorded
  • A compact version of the eStockCard v3 Warehouse
eStockCard Inventory Software is using FIFO system to control outgoing stocks, perfect for shelflife management. Manage Outgoing Stocks

Easy and accurate in managing outgoing stocks:

  • Retrieve the stock easily by scanning or entering the item code
  • Stock location would be listed out instantly to immediate retrieve
  • Instant stock updates
  • Additional info's during stock retrieve can be recorded
Check your inventory easily with eStockCard Inventory Software Cycle Counting or Stock Take Cycle Count / Stock Check
eStockCard Inventory Software for Warehouse and Store Management

Perform stock quantity adjustment easily by scanning on the item eStockCard serial nos.

eStockCard Inventory Freeware allows you to transfer stock/inventory easily Stock Transfer
eStockCard Inventory System for Stock Management

Perform the transfer of stock easily by scanning on the old location to the new location.

eStockCard Inventory Software easy to add new settings Stock Info
eStockCard Inventory System for Store Management

Provided instant information of the stock via the eStockCard Serial Nos of the Item. It's very useful to identify unrecognized stock.