eStockCard Warehouse System – Designing Print Out Documents

April 25th, 2011, Filed in Features & Tips

Step 1 Go to  Tools -> Document -> Document Design ( Fig 1 ).

Document Design

( Fig 1  )

Step 2 Please highlight the Delivery Order ( as an example) and then move it to the Available Document column (move the Delivery Order from right to left).( Fig 2 )

Select Document

( Fig 2 )

Step  3 Highlight the Delivery Order at the Available Document column and then click on New button ( Fig 3 ).

Design Document

( Fig 3 )

Step 4 The Design Report screen for the Delivery Order will appear (Fig 4 ).

Design Screen

( Fig 4 )

Step 5 Then design the Delivery Order as per your required format.

Step 6 Once finish, just click on the Save button (top left) and then enter the Delivery Order new document name ( Fig 5 ).

Save Document

( Fig 5 )

Step 7 This new Delivery Order will appear at the Available Document column.

Step 8 To use this Delivery Order, just move it to the Selected Document column and Save it(  Fig 6 ).

Assign Document

( Fig 6 )

For the rest of the documents in the eStockCard Warehouse System, just follow the step from 1 – 8.

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