Start the eStockCard inventory software with a fresh Database

March 29th, 2011, Filed in Install, Activate & Update

Why refresh database?

  1. User ID and Password is forgotten or inactive for long period of time
  2. Clean out trial data

Here are the steps

1. Run the Install_eStockCard.exe from the installation files.

2. When come to Select Installation Type screen, tick “Custom Installation” and follow by Next

3. Please untick both “Update Chronos eStockCard 3 Client” and “Update eStockCard 3 Server”. Tick “Re-Create eStockCard Database”. Click Yes to confirm it. Please be reminded that if you wish to keep a copy of the database, please perform data backup prior to this.

4. Follow the instruction subsequently and your old database will be removed completely and replace with empty database.

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