Chemical Industries

Issues and Challenges:

  • Unable to track the inventory accurately as there were more than 20,000 items in the inventory list for management at the plant and warehouse.
  • Stock control staffs had a hard time to locate the correct inventory at the warehouse hence time consuming.
  • Poor shelf life control for the inventory due to First-In-First-Out (FIFO) was not applied at all times and caused wastage.
  • Inventory tracking for warehouse was tough due to the current warehouse system unable to track the product Serial Number, Batch Number and Expiry Date.
  • More costs were involved when items were used at the wrong way or customer received the wrong items.
  • Poor space utilization for inventory storage.
  • Poor inventory management resulting inaccurate inventory data.
Their Objectives What they have achieved
To reduce Searching Time Locate items within seconds
To reduce Wastage Reduce 90% of wastage
To implement FIFO inventory control Fully compliance
To improve inventory tracking 100% compliance with ISO standard
To increase productivity Reduce head counts and overtime
To improve Storage Space Utilization More item storage within same warehouse
To improve Inventory Accuracy Above 97.5% accuracy