Automotive Parts Manufacturing and Supplies

Issues and Challenges:

  • Unable to provide accurate inventory information when clients required the JIT (Just-in-time) delivery.
  • Involved more manpower to manage the inventory, picking and update the inventory information.
  • More costs were incurred when wrong delivery or late delivery cases happened and affected the company’s reputation.
  • Too much inventories were holding at the warehouse.
  • Unable to provide an accurate inventory report for the daily inventory usage.
Their Objectives What they have achieved
To reduce Put-away and Picking time Locate right locations and items within seconds
To eliminate Wrong Delivery Delivery improved over 90% with less customers’ complaints
To reduce Inventory Holding cost Inventory Holding Reduce 20%
To improve inventory data Accuracy and Availability Instant and accurate inventory information provided
To timely generate accurate daily Inventory Reports Generate reports within seconds with high degree of accuracy

Since we start using this inventory system to replace our existing manual stock control system, there are so much improvements to our Inventory Storage System.

The location set up is totally matched with our flexible inventory storage system which created according to our existing layout. And the most impressive function is the alert activities which really help us to monitor and control our stock level.

Ms Onn Hwee Nee
(T.E Auto Rubber Products Sdn Bhd)