eStockCard makes Warehouse Inventory Control Easier

September 13th, 2011
  1. Easy location bin properties setup according to actual warehouse layout.
  2. During Stocks Receiving:
    • eStockCard will generate barcode label (with all tracking information per client’s needs) and just paste it at each pallet/container/carton/any packaging.
    • eStockCard will suggest the best storage location bin per each pallet
    • user just put the pallet accordingly
    • simple enough?
  3. During Stocks Issuing:
    • eStockCard will suggest the most appropriate pallet according to FIFO control
    • User picks the pallet. That’s all.
    • Alternately, user can take the desired pallet, and scan the barcode label, then eStockCard will record the picking accordingly.
    • It is easy…
  4. For Warehouse Stock ControlĀ and Analysis,
    • there are many stock control reports available for user’s preview.
    • Email Alert is available to send out critical message to targeted person if abnormality appears…

And more… eStockcard makes life easier for Warehouse Inventory Control.