Ideas To Improve Warehouse’s Productivity

June 1st, 2012

A productive warehouse is a money making warehouse. By ensuring the warehouse working efficiently, you can be assured of maximize your returns.  You can improve efficiency by  keeping up current machines, maintaining safe and comfortable working conditions . Take the efforts to  assess what works to increase productivity, along with what doesn’t. Once all the strengths and weakness have been identified,  then you can maintain them to ensure performance remains at a high level.

Step 1

Buy and install new equipment, such as forklift, lifts and computers. New equipment will ensure productivity. Further to that, it shows to the employees that you are invested in the business and is making their jobs easier. This increases morale, which has a positive effect on productivity.

Step 2

Review the warehouse locations layout. Stock inventory in a logical order and ensure they can be retrieved fast and easily.

Step 3

Make sure that inventory stock can be located easily. The longer it takes to find an inventory in the warehouse, the more time and resources are wasted.

Step 4

Enlarge the warehouse area. A larger area allows more room to store inventory stocks. A big and well-managed inventory can lead to higher profits. Expanding space also alleviates cramped and tight working conditions thus improving the workers morale.

Step 5

Increase top management personnel presence in the warehouse. Thus the workers would be glad to know that their managements are aware of their jobs and their importance to the company. In other ways, it also serves as a warning to less diligent employees that management is aware of their works performance.

Step 6

Provide a fair wage increment, if possible. However, if profits do not allow it, then  find other incentives and rewards to boost the worker morale and work efficiency.