Good Warehousekeeping and Workers Discipline

May 22nd, 2012

In the warehouse, good housekeeping of all the stock inventory has always been regarded as a symbol of good management for either small, medium or large organizations.

It is also a sign of good discipline. A strong and good warehouse supervisor who holds people accountable will create good housekeeping simply by asking for it. A weak leader will have a sloppy warehouse simply because his or her followers do not care, and lack of care is a sign of poor discipline. Thus the stock inventory quantity will always be inaccurate. It is also an indicator of lack of pride. Discipline and pride in the organization go together. One seldom exists without the other.

Good Warehouse

So how does your warehouse consider as measure up?

In managing the space and time that are the twin elements of warehousing, a certain amount of waste is inevitable. Waste is defined as any non-value-added activity or works. In short, it means laziness and perform unuseful task. By identifying and reducing wasted effort, we can improve productivity at the same time. The sources of waste will be described, along with the steps that should be taken to eliminate them.

This is whereby a proper inventory software will helps to eliminate this wastage.