Track Inventory with eStockCard Bin Management System

May 7th, 2014

eStockCard Inventory Software is a powerful inventory system for monitoring and tracking of the stock inventory. It helps to locate your inventory easily with the bin management location setting. Bin management can easily identify and track the physical locations of the inventory items in the store or warehouse. Thus,  make the operation staffs becomes more efficient in searching for the items. With just a few clicks, eStockCard will show you the inventory locations instantly.

eStockCard can easily identify the location of the inventory by making use the Location Code setting. For example, Racking01-L1-C1, this is the default Location Code format which can be amended according to your racking name and setup. With this Location Code, you can easily identify the inventory is stored at Rack Number 1, 1st Level Column 1. During picking, the warehouse staffs can save so much time in picking the right item at the right location.

To improve efficiencies, you have to organize and name the bin locations for your store/warehouse from the racking to the flooring. With proper Bin management, it can helps streamline your inventory replenishment processes, orders can be picked and fulfilled faster, stocks can be stored in multiple or single bins to optimize the space in your warehouse.

With Chronos eStockCard bin management, it helps to reduce the searching time and items can be located within seconds. It also help to improve storage space utilization hence more item storage within same warehouse.

Download the Free Chronos eStockCard Inventory Software here today to experience it.