Paperless against Paper-based Data Recording

June 10th, 2013

The benefits of paperless can go infinite. At the least, businesses will be awarded with better and quality business data.


One time data entry – Instead of handling data twice (pencil and paper, then data enter into the computer), scanning facilitates data entry at the time warehouse activities are performed.


Efficient data entry – Scanning bar codes is much more efficient than writing data on a piece of paper. The time required for data entry, sending paper orders to the warehouse, searching for misplaced paperwork and filing and maintaining proper paper documentation are all eliminated. This alone can result in significantly increased efficiency and cost savings both in labor and paper-related expenses.


Accurate data entry – Scanning bar codes eliminates data entry errors. This ensures a high level of accuracy in filling orders, product check‐in, putting away products into the correct locations, and accurate replenishment of pick‐bins. Costs associated with shipping, receiving and inventory errors can be virtually eliminated.


Timely information – If data is captured at the time that processes are performed, the system can provide real time information back to the enterprise for better decision making.