Track Inventory with eStockCard v3 Mobile Edition – Sneak Preview Part II

June 12th, 2012

In March, we have posted a Sneak Preview about the eStockCard PDA Version that we are going to launch this year. If you missed out this article, you can read it here.

These few months, our team has been working very hard to develop this eStockCard PDA Version. There are so many things that we have to put into consideration such as what are the most suitable features to be equipped in this mobile edition and how we should name this new product? In the end, our team comes out with the name eStockCard v3 Mobile Edition. The reasons are simple, we are developing something so flexible and mobile that users can bring around their mobile computer barcode scanner to record the incoming and outgoing stock  inventory in the warehouse via the IN and OUT easily either by scanning on the barcode label or just enter the quantity into the screen.

Further to that, the user would be able to perform Stock Transfer and Cycle Count easily from the mobile computer. The user would also be able to identify the respective item from the Stock Info screen by scanning or entering the serial nos (which is auto generated by the eStockCard for tracking purposes) into the Serial Nos column and item info’s will then be listed

In short, eStockCard v3 Mobile is designed to be flexible and easy to use.

Here is the sneak preview for the eStockCard v3 Mobile main screen and you can see the features that we have in this new product.

We will be launching this eStockCard v3 Mobile very soon so stay tuned with us for the latest updates and promotion.