Feature and Benefits


It covers the completed
Sales Management


Goods Return To Suppliers


It helps users to manage stocks

Key Inventory
Control Features

Manage Incoming Stocks

Managing Incoming Stocks is easy as 1 2 3:

  • simple steps to record inventories
  • diplay Item Image

Managing Outgoing Stocks

Easy and accurate in managing outgoing stocks:

  • Built-In FIFO Control System.
  • Track Item Shelflife
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Easy to Convert Sales
Purchase Documents
Without Data Re-Entry

Managing Incoming Stocks is easy as 1 2 3:

  • eStockCard Inventory Management System Can Easily Convert the Sales
    Purchasing documents to another
    transaction in just one click.
  • For Example, at the Quatation screen, simply click the "convert to" button to
    convert the data to Sales Order without
    re-key in it. Save time and accurate.

Easy to Set Location Properties
with 2D/3D Display

  • Setup multiple warehouses and inventory storage bins properties easily
    according to actual practice
  • Track Item Shelflife

Easy to Maintain Item List

  • View, Add Modify and Void Items
    easily. Item list is organized with item
    group, Item Category, UOM,
    Item Type, etc.

Easy to Customize Screen
Layout / Fields by Yourself (DIF)

Almost all the screen layouts or fields can be easily customized
With this DIY tools, you can:

  • Drag and Drop to change the screen layout
  • Add more new fields. etc

Easy to Set Suppliers and
Customers Information

  • Suppliers or Customers info can be easily pre-configured
More Inventory
Control Features

Cycle Count / Stock Check

  • Setup the periodic Schedule and eStockCard
    built-in Pareto Analysis (80/20 Rule)
    to conduct inventory cycle count
    to ensure stock accuracy.

Stock Transfer

  • You can easily transfer partial or full
    stocks from one location to another.
Proactive Measures to
Avoid Operation Error

Add Product Image

  • Image for each item can be added
    easily for identification at IN and
    OUT screen.

Barcode Label Design

  • eStockCard Allows you to design and
    print barcode labels

Track Inventory Abnormality
with Automatic Email Alert

  • eStockCard Alert system helps you to manage
    inventory abnormality at
Encourage Teamwork

Connecting Multiple Users

  • You can connect multiple PC Users
    to the same database concurrently via
    Local Area Network (LAN), Share
    and work together.

User Privileges Control

  • You are flexible to create unlimited no. of Login
    and assign them to same/different group
    with associated privileges granted.
More Useful Tools

Data Backup / Restore

  • Data Backup or Restore is easy.

Data Import / Export

  • Data can be imported or exported via
    several file formats available such as Excel
    ,CSV and texts, Etc

Reports and Customization

  • More than 40 Reports are ready
    for you to analyze and control
    your inventory effectively.