Unable to activate the Chronos eStockCard inventory system

April 4th, 2011, Filed in Install, Activate & Update

This activation issue that happen to:-

  • Chronos eStockCard v3 Warehouse and v3 Premier ( Activate using Offline method)

Here are the possible reasons : -

1. Wrongly enter the activation code at another PC.

Please ensure that the activation code is correctly enter into the respective PC where the ID (Identification) code  is generated. If the request for the activation code is made from PC 1, ensure that the activation code received is entered into the PC 1 ONLY and not at other PC’s.


2. Wrongly enter the activation code received

Please note that zero in the activation is an numerical zero (0) and not an alphabet (o). Wrongly enter the activation as an o (alpha) instead of zero (0) can also cause the activation in the eStockCard inventory software to fail. Therefore, it is advisable to just copy and then paste the code into the activation column so that the error can be minimized (if possible)


3. Administration right on the PC

Please ensure that you are login into the PC as a Computer Administrator before entering the  activation code into the eStockCard inventory system. This is to ensure that no issue  arises during the activation process. A Standard or Guest User with limited account privileges might faced some problems with the activation.


Remark for Windows Vista or Window 7: -

  • After login as computer administrator, please Right Click the mouse on the eStockCard icon on the desktop and then select ‘Run as Administrator’ before login into the eStockCard.

However, if the problem is still persist, please email us at activation@estockcard.com and if possible capture the error message screen. We will then help to find out and solve the issues with immediate effect as our commitment to our esteemed customers.

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