Tracking of Production Auxiliary Systems in EMS Industries

April 18th, 2012, Filed in FAQs

Chronos eStockCard Inventory Software has assisted many Electronic Manufacturing Services to track the movements and the status of Test Fixtures, In-Circuit Tester, Testing Instruments and many production auxiliary systems.

Many technicians and engineering staffs are facing difficulties to trace these production auxiliary systems, just name a few typical issues:-

1. Large variation and variety

There are large variations in terms of software driver, firmware and test probes to cater for various PCBA assemblies. Proper identification and traceability is critical especially to high volume manufacturing firms.

2. Frequent changing and fast turnaround of production auxiliary systems to cater for different OEM customers.

3. Wear and tear and frequent maintenance such as changing test probe, cable and pins.

4. Calibration to the test instruments, fixtures that may involve third parties such as regulatory body or vendors.


Chronos eStockCard Inventory Software can helps

1. Receiving and Recording

Fixtures or testers can be supplied or consigned by customer (consignment), vendors, or regulatory body.

IN screen can be used to record crucial information and unique identification such as unique code, description, manufacturer, validity and you can even customize many columns to cater for proprietary information. Unique serial number will be generated for each unit for tracking purpose.

2. Stock Transfer

Stock Transfer can be used to transfer the testing equipments between various departments (Engineering, Maintenance, Production, Outgoing QA etc) and all the movements can be recorded properly.

3. Reporting

Many useful and powerful reports can be utilized to monitor the movement of every equipment.

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