Adding Item Image in eStockCard Inventory Software

November 29th, 2011, Filed in Features & Tips

Item image can be adding into the  eStockCard inventory software so when users perform the IN (storing) transaction, they are able to identify whether the stock received is the correct one. However, this is only applicable to the IN / OUT screen for the eStockCard v3 Warehouse & v3 Premier Edition.

The steps to add the item images are as following:-

Step 1 Go to ‘Settings > Item > Master’ on Settings and select the item that you want to add the image and click on the  modify button (Fig 1).

Modify Item

( Fig 1 )

Step 2 At the top right box, right click and select “Load” to add the item image  (Fig 2 ).

Add Image

( Fig 2 )

Step 3 Browse the item image on your pc ( Fig 3 ).

Load Image

( Fig 3  )

Step 4 The Item image should appear  as shown (Fig 4 ). Save it.


( Fig 4 )


Preview Item Image From IN Screen. ( For Premier edition and Warehouse Edition)

To view the item image at the IN screen, please customize it as  follows:-

Step 1 Go To ‘Inventory -> IN’  on the eStockCard.

Step 2 Click customize button and drag ‘ Item Picture’ into the screen ( Fig 5 ).

Customize Image

( Fig 5 )

Step 3 When selecting the item code at the IN screen , the item image shall appear (Fig 6 ).

IN Image

( Fig 6 )

so when the users perform the IN (storing) transaction, they are able to

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