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October 4th, 2012, Filed in Features & Tips

Details explanation on the Global Setting tab under Settings -> System -> Operation Setting for the eStockCard Warehouse System

Operation Setting

1) Language Setting –  This would be the language available in the eStockCard. Currently only English is available


2) System Currency - This would be the setting of the currency that used in eStockCard. If user wish to use same setting as PC, just tick on “Use Regional Settings (Follow Computer)” box.


3) UOM Conversion –  If this enable, then reports will be able to show the quantity conversion from the IN/OUT/Goods Receiving/Picking List UOM (unit of measurement) to the default uom which was being set for the respective item under Setting -> Item -> Master.


4) Default Tax Scheme - Set the default tax scheme for the Sales Module screen.


5) Document Preview Setting - Enable this box will only allow the user to ONLY print out the documents such as Purchase Order, Sales Order, Delivery Order and etc for both the Sales & Purchase which have been assigned under Tools -> Document -> Document Design.

If untick, all the designed document format for the respective screen will be listed out for the user to select.


6) Number FormattingRefer to the number of decimal places for the item quantity.


7) Currency Formatting – Refer to the decimal places for the pricing.


8 ) Serial No Generate Option

By default : The eStockCard will generate the serial nos sequence starting from the number 1, 2, 3 and so on . .. during the put away (IN) of the items into the eStockCard

Attach Item Category Prefix –  This Category Code will be attached to the Serial Nos. For example, if the item category code is CAR. The Serial Nos generated would be : CAR-1, CAR-2 , CAR-3 and so on.


9) Override Barcode PrinterThe printer which is being set here will override the printer name for the barcode label which has been assigned under Tools -> Label -> Label Listing.

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