Multiple UOM Setting for eStockCard Warehouse System

October 9th, 2013, Filed in Features & Tips

Multiple UOM (Unit of Measurement) can be set for an inventory item in the eStockCard Warehouse System. The users would be able to set more than 1 UOM in the eStockCard when a new item code is created.

1) At Settings -> Item -> Master, the UOM would required to be selected for the item. For example, for item with 2 UOMs (PC and CTN), both are then added into the UOM table.

Ratio for Warehouse System


2) To set the ratio between both the PC and CTN, the users must first identify : ” How many PC’s are there in a CTN?”  And if there are 20 pieces (PC) in a carton (CTN), proceed to enter the ratio into the UOM column table.

The ratio calculation would then be as follows:-

20 PC  - 1 CTN, thus

1PC – 0.05 CTN ( this calculation is derived from 1/20)

Enter Ratio for Inventory Software

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