I’m using eStockCard warehouse system Network Version. After changing my computer name, why I unable to connect to eStockCard server again?

April 25th, 2011, Filed in Features & Tips

Users have to bear in mind that the computers name is crucial for eStockCard warehouse system. It uses the computer name & eStockCard instance name (ESTOCKCARD3) as information when eStockCard program connects to MSSQL server.

Example: Warehouse PC (warehouse001) & instance name (ESTOCKCARD3) will become WAREHOUSE001\ESTOCKCARD3 (Database Server Name).

a) If running eStockCard warehouse system for the first time, the system will prompt you which MSSQL server to connect to and if the connection is successfully established, it will auto save this database server name and connect to the same server again in the next run.

b) If the user changed the computer name, in this case “WAREHOUSE001″ change to “WAREHOUSE_PC1″, the system will fail to connect to previous saved database server name due to invalid name in the network.

You will see the message “Could Not Connect to WAREHOUSE001\ESTOCKCARD”.

This could mean that your target database server is offline, name has been changed or it has been removed from the remote computer.

c) We fully advice users not to change the centralized server computer name without the system administrator permission.

However if the name changes is necessary, the system administrator need to replace the computer name with the static IP address.

Example: Warehouse PC ( instead of “WAREHOUSE001\ESTOCKCARD3″, we suggest that you use “\ESTOCKCARD3″ as Database Server Name. As long as the IP address remains, it will not affect the program even though the computer name has been changed.

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