Export of Setting Info

September 25th, 2013, Filed in Features & Tips

All the setting information such as Item details, Customer Info’s, Supplier Info’s, Item Group, Item Category can be exported out from the eStockCard into Excel, CSV and Txt file so that it could be easily import into other program ( please do check with your current program import function first).

To export can be done at Tools > Data > Export


1. Select the Type of file for the data to be exported to and click Next

Select File Type


2. Proceed to select the Data which required to be exported and then click Next

Data to be exported


3. ┬áTick on the info’s of the data which required to be exported

Tick on the info's


4. Browse for the location of the file to be saved to and type in the file name. Finally click on Finish& Close to export the data out.

Browse for the location file to be saved

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