Checklists for Put Away Operation

April 24th, 2013

Checklists for put away operations

1. Is an adequate inspection made to the condition (such as damage, wet, contaminate, leakage) of incoming items?

2. Are items properly packaged?

3. Are open or damaged items being recorded and segregated?

4. Are open or damaged items removed from stacks and repacked?

5. Are put away methods best suited to the characteristics of the storage areas?

6. Are items following stock rotation rules such as FIFO or FILO. Well-planned stacking with easy access makes this rule easier to apply.

7. Are items of similar categories grouped together for better accessibility?

8. Are stored items adequately and accurately marked for proper identification and easily located?

9. Does the storage plan permit flexibility of operations and provide for adequate small-lot storage space?

10. Are hazardous and flammable items being stored separately?

11. Are items stacked correctly to ensure the greatest safety to personnel, protection of material and accessibility? Are stacking instructions being followed?

12. Is stacking up to reasonable height, adequate clearance for better accessibility as per storage layout plan?

13. Is space sufficient between stacking to allow better ventilation especially stack and the roof?

14. Are items which are not palletised being raised off the floor by use of dunnage?

15. Are packing, crating and other preparations for shipment adequate?

16. Are adequate and proper steps taken to care and preserve storage items?