Limitations in FREE Edition of the eStockCard Warehouse System

July 20th, 2011, Filed in Editions & Licensing

Prior to turning the FREE Edition to FULL edition, users must take note that:-

  1. No activation and users are NOT required to request activation code from eStockCard Activation team to activate the software. You can evaluate it right away after you have downloaded and installed it.
  2. FREE edition does come with certain limitations in terms of functionality and reports.
  3. Complete and full functioned-eStockCard will be available in FULL edition only after it is purchased.
  4. As per company’s policy, NO trial activation key will be issued to enjoy the full features of eStockCard.

Lists of limitations in FREE Edition

1. Functionality (Stock Transfer, Alert, Stock Edit)


2. Number of Data Settings.

Free edition will process maximum of 80 item codes, 10 customers codes and 10 suppliers codes.


3. Analysis Reports.

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