Setting Fixed Item in the Warehouse Location

August 14th, 2013, Filed in Features & Tips

To fix an item/item(s) to the respective warehouse location bin in the eStockCard Warehouse System, go to Settings -> Location

1)  Click on the respective rack/floor location

Select Location Bin

2) Highlighted on the racking bin/ floor location code and then click on the Fixed Item button

Warehouse Location

3) Once the Location Properties box appear, click on the Add Item button to add the specific item(s) for the respective location.

Select item(s) for warehouse location

4) Search out the item(s) which need to be fixed to the location and then TICK on it. Once done, click Accept.

Search for Item(s)


Warehouse Item(s)

5) Notice the selected item(s) appeared under the Item List. Proceed to click on the Accept button to accept these item codes.

Item List

6) Once done, remember to click on the Save button to save this settings.

**** After Save, the location(s) which have fixed items, the + sign would be shown in BOLD beside it.

Fixed Item(s) to Warehouse Location

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