Using a Barcode for Warehouse

November 7th, 2013

The barcode label is the backbone of any types of barcode inventory software in the market today.  Labels are mostly used to identify Locations name, Items and Quantity.

Usually an organization would chooses to divide the warehouse into  sub-locations.  These may be racks name, levels, columns on a shelf, or floor area on the warehouse floor.  By scanning the location label upon storage of inventory, the inventory and its location is stored in the inventory software database, and the system would then be able to quickly locate an inventory item when it is needed.   Info’s to be consider when designing  location labels:

  • What racking code which will work best?  (For example, Rack A , Level 1, Col2 = A-1-2)
  • Will the new location code will be added in near future due to the company is growing and the warehouse will be reconfigured.
  • Is it the warehouse so large that the higher level codes cannot be seen or scan?
  • Is there are large items that cannot be stored on shelves and need a flooring locations?

Looking for a warehouse control system? Please check out Chronos eStockCard v3 Warehouse Edition for details.