Checklists for Receiving Operation

April 11th, 2013

Receiving operation includes the physical unloading of incoming goods, checking, recording of receipts, and deciding where the received goods are to be put away in the warehouse. It also include activities such as unpacking and repackaging, quality control checks and temporary quarantine storage for goods waiting clearance by quality control.

It can be one of the most complicated functions in warehouse processes. Errors in receiving operations may result many ripple effects. Production department may use the wrong items or insufficient of quantities. Purchasing department will encounter what they purchased are not what they received. Accounting department may overpay for any shortfall quantity.

Checklists for receiving operations :-

1. Are receiving documents (Purchase Order or Requisition, Delivery Order, Packing Lists) available at the time when shipments are received?

2. Are standard operating procedures or working instructions available when inspections are performed and checked?

3. Are items checked for descriptions, quantity and condition at the arrival of shipment and before accepting the bill of lading and completing the receiving report?

4. Are vendor compliance standards and procedures being followed during receiving?

5. Any non-conformance issue being recorded and update into vendor tracking and history records?

6. Are receiving reports and documents being processed properly for data entry?

7. Are unprocessed or backlog items being recorded and monitored?

8. Are materials handling equipments in good working condition?

9. Are receiving space, dock, and pallets for receipts sufficient and in order?