The Evolution of Inventory Management System

Phase 1   Basic recording and tracking

Most organizations start their Inventory Management with

  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • Home grown Access databases
  • Paper, paper and more paper


Phase 2   Quality and timeliness of inventory data

However,  how do they know better Inventory Management system are needed?

  • Data maintenance becomes a nightmare (Incorrect data, No real time data)
  • Reporting is difficult, since they want to see the data in many ways and real-time
  • Too much reliance on the warehouse staffs who built the tracking system
  • They want to link inventory data with other information
  • Achieve better control


Phase 3   Competitive Advantage

So, what’s next?

  • Benchmarking your organization’s performance with the best in industries
  • Align inventory management processes  with organization’s future grow plan
  • Deliver better services to customer by shortening time of delivery
  • Permanent inventory

Inventory Shelf Life Control

Shelf life is the length of time that food, drink, drug, chemical, pharmaceuticals ormedicine are given before they are considered unsuitable for sale or consumption. It is the recommendation of time that products can be stored, during which the defined quality of a specified proportion of the goods remains acceptable under expected (or specified) conditions of distribution, storage and display.

Stringent shelf life control is significant importance and crucial in many industries such as pharmaceutical, food, drink, chemical and meat distribution to ensure their products are keeping at best freshness and without degrading to unacceptable levels.

A viable shelf life control system within the organization must be able to accomplish the following scopes:-


  1. Identifying and maintaining a database of all items that have “Shelf-Life Limitation”.
  2. Able to capture all appropriate information, such as lot no, batch no, receiving information, expiration date, manufacturing data and many specific information.
  3. What products in your inventory have a limited shelf life, quantities on hands.
  4. Monitor those products with a scheduled frequency that will ensure that no product will remain in stock or be issued beyond its shelf life.

eStockCard has been designed and empowered with superior shelf life control capability that helps firms to achieve their goal. More info, please watch the following video to see how a pharmaceutical company can reap the benefits of deploying eStockCard to achieve better control in their distribution of products.


New Support Center and Knowledgebase

March and April have been exciting months for eStockCard Team here. We have many good things to celebrate like we have released the new Chronos eStockCard v3.1.1 Inventory Software, Promotion going on, new Facebook page, Blog, Knowledgebase and Support Center. The best thing is we are getting more and more support from customers around the world and we really appreciate it.

Here is the brief intro of our new Support Center, what you can get here? We have consolidated all the useful resources for eStockCard Inventory Software that we have in this one page, you can easily get the information and documents such as user manuals, data import template, tutorial videos, chat with us and more. Other than that, you can also see our Facebook updates and even join us by just clicking the “Like” button. You can visit the new Support Center here:

For Knowledgebase, we have moved all the articles from the previous knowledgebase to We will continue to add new articles from time to time. We hope the new Knowledgebase can benefit you all.

For those who hasn’t joined our Facebook page, please join now to stay up-to-date with us. Lastly, the eStockCard Team would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter Day.

Welcome to the New eStockCard Inventory Software Blog

Today we are glad to announce the launch of our new eStockCard Inventory Software Blog. We have moved our blog from back to our website to improve the user experience.

As usual, we will continue to share the latest news and updates for eStockCard inventory software, tips on the eStockCard inventory system usage, knowledge about the inventory control, how to improve your warehouse operation or any interesting topic with you all.

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Updates & Purchase of eStockCard v2.1.7 Standard Inventory Software

Dear Users,

After release the latest eStockCard v3.1 (Business, Warehouse & Premier) which equipped with better features and cosolidated view of business warehouse inventory controls, we would like to inform you that:-

  1. We would discontinue the distribution of eStockCard v2.1.7 Standard effective 1st Dec 2010.
  2. The software update services for eStockCard v2.1.7 Standard will be provided for existing customers ONLY. We will email the software update links to existing customer whenever available. However this service will be discontinued after 1st December 2011.
  3. For existing eStockCard v2.1.7 Standard customers, we provide an attractive upgrade package exclusive for you:-
    • To upgrade your license(s) to eStockCard v3.1 Premier.
    • Upgrade Price is USD299.00 per site (regardless nos. of valid licenses).
    • Inclusive of Additional One (1) year supports (offsite technical support via Phone, Fax, email, remote internet access diagnosis, bug fix, software update if available).
  4. For existing eStockCard v2.1.7 Standard Free Edition Users, we would like to encourage you:-
    • to download and install the latest and superior eStockCard v3.1 Premier (Free Edition).
    • to use the data migration tool at eStockCard v3.1 Premier to migrate your data from eStockCard v2.1.7 Standard.
    • Please be note that the eStockCard v2.1.7 transaction data (such as SO, Picking, DO, Invoice) cannot be migrated into the eStockCard v3.1 Premier at the moment due to major data structure different.

We hope you enjoy the latest eStockCard v3.1 (Business, Warehouse, Premier) inventory software, and get you business inventory in control.