10 Tips To Maximize Warehouse Space

March 28th, 2013

There are many ways to take advantage of a warehouses space in order to utilize it better. You can use inventory software tools to increase productivity, while improving overall efficiency. When you end up with more space, you get more value out of your existing assets and can increase productivity as well. The main methods of achieving more space can be defined largely by utilizing what you already have, and making the best of the space currently existing.

A list of the top ten ways to get this done is provided:

  1. Pack everything you currently have stored in a more organized and concrete fashion, and only use space that is absolutely needed for these items.
  2. Assess everything already placed in the warehouse carefully and reorganize each item based on type and use so that they can be found and accessed.
  3. Maintain the items you have in the warehouse logically and neatly so everything is placed in a way that lessens obstacles people may travel through.
  4. Convert existing space into usable locations that inventory can be placed by marking off these areas for later use when needed.
  5. Alter any parts of the building that can be easily changed such as shelving units and inventory racks in a way that fully maximizes their individual placement.
  6. Remove unneeded items from the building to increase the overall space available, and to more logically organize everything inside it.
  7. Work with a qualified contractor that specializes in space management for warehouses to fully understand how to change the layout in a way that increases space.
  8. Design the interior with the help of inventory software to find space that can be completely optimized to the benefit of the objectives in mind.
  9. Use an inventory management system to help better organize the layout of the warehouse, and move unneeded items to areas of the building that rarely get used.
  10. Change the placement of key components located in the warehouse such as racking units and storage shelves to a location that makes full use of their storage capabilities.

Each method listed can be altered or customized to your needs and changed accordingly based on how you want your infrastructure organized and maintained. If you maximize the space in your buildings with inventory software tools along with natural logic, you end up with a greater investment, a more efficient workplace and overall ability to get things done.