Assets Tracking by eStockCard

February 4th, 2013

Chronos eStockCard Inventory Management Software has been successfully implemented in EMS industries (Electronic Manufacturing Services) to assist in monitoring their manufacturing assets such as Test Fixtures, Test Jigs, ICT Testers, Testing Equipments and Facilities, Proprietary Tools and many more.

  1. Major Issues
    1. There are approximately 500+ assets need to be monitored.
    2. Assets will be flowed among/within/cross several departments
      • Receiving – New purchase, Consignment from customers or vendors
      • Issuing – Production, Internal Calibration, Maintenance and Repair
      • Transfer – Obsolescence
      • Outgoing – External Calibration/Repair, Scrap Sales, Return (consignment)
    4. Fail to calibrate certain equipments.
    5. Ineffective system to monitor all the assets (Using spreadsheet).
    6. Failure to comply with ISO due to poor traceability of assets (especially for those assets require calibration)
  2. How eStockCard can assist
    1. IN and OUT operation can help to record detailed movements of any single item – resolve where, when, who within department or cross departments.
    2. For any item which is NOT suitable to be used in production (due for calibration, repair, out of spec), LOCK operation to prevent this accidentally being released.
    3. For any calibrated item, due date can be pre-defined and monitor through alert system.
    4. Powerful reporting which is capable to provide comprehensive, timely information of all assets.