Why You Need Warehouse Operation Audit?

March 18th, 2013

Are you spending too much on your warehouse operations in terms of dollar and labor?

A critical first step for improving productivity and reducing costs is to conducting warehouse operation audits. Such an audit takes a quantitative and qualitative look at your warehouse operation’s productivity and accuracy, and does so in a systematic way.

A good operations audit enables you to measure warehouse productivity and other important metrics to identify patterns and trends. It also allows you to complete both internal and external comparisons. Once you gather the data and make comparisons, you’ll be able to draft an action plan for improvement.

The audit should consist of a method for evaluating your own operation against a set of internal expectations, as well as external, industry-accepted, best practices and averages Remember, you can’t improve something if you don’t measure it.

Using a list of predetermined checklists – for each area of the warehouse in your organization. Focus on labor, facilities, systems and workflow procedures. By analyzing your operation against your existing expectations, you can develop a basis of measurement for future actions.

The warehouse operations should cover the followings aspects :-

1. Warehouse Layout

2. Product/Inventory/Orders processing

3. Receiving

4. Storing

5. Material Handling Equipments

6. Housekeeping

7. Safety

8. Inventory Control System