Your Old Stock Card Replace by eStockCard

September 30th, 2011

Stock card is a piece of thicker and more durable paper which is widely used in many small and mid-sized organizations with the simple purpose of monitoring and controlling their stock. It is a very simple inventory control tool for recording the movement of the stock.

No arguable it is very simple and lowest cost but there are many drawbacks:-

1.Wear and Tear

2. Data discrepancy due to no updating, wrongly or unrecognized writing etc

3. Data can’t be shared simultaneously

4. Can’t locate the card due to misplace

5. No analysis, No reporting and can’t provide overall view of stock status

6. …..


eStockCard has encompassed most of the functionalites and features that deliver by traditional stock cards and additionally, more useful and intelligent features are included to achieve better control.


eStockCard can be used to control your Stock Cards