Product Serialization by eStockCard

May 23rd, 2011

A simple inventory tracking software, with serialization capability from Chronos eStockCard, enables small and mid-sized companies to manage and track their products beyond their four walls.

The major benefit that can be reaped from product serialization are :-

  • Provide greater and comprehensive visibility about its movements
  • Improve traceability efficiency
  • Improve product recall efficiency
  • Achieve better control

eStockCard, barcode-enabled inventory tracking software, has promised to deliver


1. Simple but powerful tracking capability

Technology-advanced solutions such as RFID can be very costly and not viable for many companies. Paper and pen recording can be ineffective and inaccurate.

By switching to eStockCard, you just need a piece of barcode label and unique serialized number will be generated for tracking purpose from receiving until delivery.


2. Better shelf-life control

For limited shelf-life products or items, the unique identifier that generated by eStockCard can be used to determine the end-of-life (EOL) of the products and this will help to facilitate the put-away and distribution processes.


3. Alert

Automatic alert triggering system is embedded to help firms to identify and segregate the about-to-expire products.


4. History

Many powerful reporting are built and allow firms to trace product’s history and movement.

At Chronos, we believe this superior inventory tracking software will help you to achieve better control. You can download the Free Edition immediately for trial.