Inventory Tracking by eStockCard

May 24th, 2011

Inventory tracking is the fundamental process within the firm. Good and efficient inventory tracking system provides the firm with quality and timeliness data which ultimately improve operational efficiency and bottom line.

eStockCard is developed with very simple objective – We wish to provide the best tracking capability to firms in managing their products, parts or items within their warehouse or storage location.


1. Inbound/Receiving/Put away

  • Very simple and highly flexible and customizable IN screen.
  • Just enter item code and quantity. System will automatically search for the best storage location. Alternately, user can configure manually.
  • Auxiliary information can be entered as optional such as batch, lot, expiry, manufacturing date, PO, WO.
  • Item’s picture can be retrieved to increase efficiency.
  • Barcode scanner can be used to reduce human error.

2. Picking/Delivery

  • Very simple and highly flexible and customizable OUT screen.
  • Just enter item code and quantity required. Picking process is completed.

3. Inventory Status

  • Real-time information such as what, where, how much.
  • Expiry management.
  • Products/Items moving frequency (slow moving, fast moving).