Inventory Control in Showroom by eStockCard

September 14th, 2011

It is very common for many firms to setup small-scale showrooms in various territories or geographical locations to display their products or samples to potential clients. The major challenge in managing showroom is the effectiveness of managing  samples or showcases.

Most encountered issue is the failure of tracking the samples or showcases. These include:-

1. Failure to identify the point of issuing. Samples could be sent from manufacturing facilities, other warehouse or directly from vendors or suppliers.

2. No serialization (unique identifier is needed for each sample especially from different suppliers or vendors) and this will result in poor identification.

3. Expiry management. This is critical for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical samples. About-to-expire or expired samples may need to be purged for disposal or downgrading.

4. Inaccurate inventory data or data synchronization issue.


For users who are using Chronos eStockCard inventory management software, showroom can be managed at ease:-

1. Create a pseudo warehouse (storage area) which is known as “Showroom” under location setting.

2. Use Stock Transfer module to move the items from Main Warehouse to Showroom. Alternate way, user can create a Picking List at Picking List Module or OUT operation to retrieve items from Main Warehouse and then follow by IN operation to store these items to Showroom.

3. Each sample with be assigned with unique identifier (eStockCard serial number) for tracking purpose and their shelf life can be monitored through Alert Module.

4. Auxiliary information such as vendors or suppliers information (batch, lot, delivery notes, invoice’s number) can be entered.

5. Cycle counting activities can be performed through Cycle Count module to verify inventory data accuracy.