Inventory Control in Mobile Phone Industry by eStockCard

October 24th, 2011

eStockCard inventory tracking software has been promoted and launched to several mobile phone retailers to manage their repairing, selling activities as well as tracking inventories movement. Here are the major scopes how eStockCard inventory software can help.

1. Repairing

When received the phone from your customer, you can assign the Operation Task as “Hand phone Repair” and key in any required details (such as the serial nos and etc). All this is can be done under IN operation. A bar code label can be generated to stick on the hand phone.

After repairing and the customer come to collect the hand phone, just scan the bar code label and confirm to take out the hand phone. You can also define the Operation Task as ” Repairing Works”. This can be done under the OUT operation.

2. Customer Booking

For hand phone which is being reserved after receiving down payment, you can use the LOCK operation to LOCK it. If there is any code to unlock the hand phone, you can also key in this info at the Remark column under the LOCK operation.

Once the hand phone is ready to sell, just use the UNLOCK operation and select the required hand phone. The code will be appeared under the Remark column and just click on the ‘ Pick and Unlock’ button to take out the hand phone from the system instead of going through the OUT operation again.

3. Selling Phones and Accessories

Using the OUT operation and configure the Operation Task as ” Selling to Customer” and select the items and the system will advise the location (You can also defined your customers) and then key in the quantity and confirm to retrieve the items out.

However, if you have a bar code which is generated by the eStockCard during IN operation when you received hand phone or accessories from your main distributors, just scan on the bar code and then confirm the quantity to retrieve the items.

There are about 38 reports in the eStockCard inventory software which is useful for tracking and monitoring on all your handphone inventory and their movements.

Download the Free Inventory Software here today.