Sample Management by eStockCard

May 23rd, 2011

Effective sample management is critical and important for many industries, for instances, food and beverages, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, just name a few.

Samples are used and referred during receiving and inspection, production and quality control management. Hence, proper and effective sample management system and procedures must be established within the organization to keep track of the flows, quantity, expiration of the physical samples.

Several common issues and challenges when managing samples:-

  • High varieties and large variation
  • Small volume but vast number
  • Expiration management (FIFO, LIFO)
  • Validity management
  • Space limitation
  • Identification

eStockCard, being one of the most powerful inventory tracking software, has been deployed successfully in several chemical coating companies with the prime objective of achieving excellent sample management.

The simple and easy-to-use IN and OUT screens will help to record the movement and flow of the samples. You can enter auxiliary information such as batch or lot numbers, EOL (end of life) and many more for further analysis.

Simple but powerful and resourceful reporting function will provide user with greater visibility of its validity, quantity, movement, history, where to store and more.

Intelligent alerting module will trigger and alert user automatically for any about-to-expire sample. This is essential for good quality management.

Comprehensive barcode design and printing feature is embedded to help to simplify data entry and reduce human error.

Customizable screen layout capability is another value-added feature which allows user from diverse industries to customize their screen layout and further improve their operational efficiencies.